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The House by the Cemetery (1981)

Directed by Lucio Fulci

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After a doctor kills his mistress and himself while researching the mysterious previous owner of his Boston home, his colleague, Dr. Norman Boyle, takes over his research and moves his family from New York City to the Boston mansion. Soon after, Boyle’s young son Bob becomes plagued by visions of a young girl, who warns him of the danger within the house.

Rated NR | Length 87 minutes


Pino Colizzi | Paolo Malco | Lucio Fulci | Dagmar Lassander | Giovanni De Nava | Gianpaolo Saccarola | Catriona MacColl | Carlo De Mejo | Daniela Doria | Ania Pieroni | Giovanni Frezza | Silvia Collatina | Kenneth A. Olsen | Elmer Johnsson | Ranieri Ferrara | Teresa Rossi Passante