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Remember? (1939)

Directed by Norman Z. McLeod


Sky and Linda meet on vacation and become engaged. When Sky introduces Linda to his best friend, Jeff, Linda and Jeff fall in love and marry. But Jeff’s work puts a strain on the marriage and a divorce is planned. Sky uses an experimental memory loss drug to make Linda and Jeff forget their rough times (and the fact that they were married) and they fall in love all over again.

Length 83 minutes


Thomas Louden | Harry Lash | Claude King | John Hyams | Sarah Edwards | Edward Earle | Eva Dennison | Nell Craig | Richard Clucas | William H. O'Brien | Gino Corrado | Paul Hurst | Halliwell Hobbes | Armand Kaliz | Sig Ruman | Sara Haden | Laura Hope Crews | Richard Carle | Henry Travers | George Barbier | Reginald Owen | Billie Burke | Lew Ayres | Robert Taylor | Greer Garson | Forbes Murray | Cyril Ring | Syd Saylor | Billy Taft | Edward Thomas | Brandon Tynan | Clare Verdera