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Average Rating: 4.5/10

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Agent Sigma 3 - Mission Goldwalther (1967)

Directed by Gian Paolo Callegari

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An electronic ray that can counter any aerial attacks has just been invented by Professor Goodwin, but before he can put in good hands, he is kidnapped by a criminal organization, that starts an international bid for him and his invention among the rogue countries of the world. The CIA sends Agent Sigma 3 to find the Professor before the transaction takes place. His mission takes him from Rome to Tangiers, and to Barcelona.

Length 94 minutes


Jack Taylor | Silvia Solar | Armando Calvo | Mia Genberg | Remo De Angelis | Sheila Rosin | Mario Novelli | Gualtiero Isnenghi | Diana Martín | Walter Neng | Lilian Saxon | Francisco Cebrián | Alberto Gadea | Carmen Roger | Frank Harris