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Morning Fog (1978)


In “Morning Fog”, Brigitte Lin plays Tu Hsiao Meng, a spirited young woman who’s had an unenviable life full of hard knocks. The daughter of a single parent, Hsiao Meng had to give up school and enter the work force to make ends meet. She finds a job as a nursemaid to an invalid boy, and charms everyone around her with her gorgeous smile and agreeable personality. But not everyone is a fan of Hsiao Meng. She makes an enemy out of Shih Mei Ni, who happens to be Hsiao Meng’s rival for the affections of Tai Ya Luen (Chin Han). She’s also wealthy and higher in station than Hsiao Meng, which is yet another strike against the lovely, but lower class working girl. Can Hsiao Meng rise above her situation and triumph over the odds?

Length 91 minutes