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Les Luthiers: Humor dulce hogar (1986)


Formed in 1967 by Gerardo Masana, during the height of a period of very intense Choral Music activity in Argentina’s state universities, Les Luthiers premiered this show on May the 30th, 1985 at the El Círculo Theater in Rosario, Argentina. PROGRAM: 1. Vea esta Noche; 2. Serenata Tímida; 3 . El Zar y un Puñado de Aristócratas Rusos…; 4. Una Canción Regia; 5. Truthful Lulu Pulls thru Zulus; 6. El Valor de la Unidad; 7. Les Nuits de París; 8. Pasión Bucólica; 9. Las Majas del Bergantín; 10. Bolero de los Celos;  11. Marcha de la Conquista and; 12. Cuarteto Opus 44.  The ‘Mandocleta’ instrument was presented for the first time during this show. Recorded live at the Colón Theater in Bogotá, Colombia, on April 12, 1986. Numbers 11 and 12 were recorded earlier at that same theater on November 8, 1981. This is the last recorded appearance by Ernesto Acher with Les Luthiers.

Length 109 minutes