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Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Directed by Mario Bava

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Isabella, a young model, is murdered by a mysterious masked figure at a fashion house in Rome. When her diary, which details the house employees many vices, disappears, the masked killer begins killing off all the models in and around the house to find it.

Rated NR | Length 88 minutes


Cameron Mitchell | Eva Bartok | Thomas Reiner | Ariana Gorini | Dante DiPaolo | Mary Arden | Franco Ressel | Claude Dantes | Luciano Pigozzi | Lea Lander | Massimo Righi | Francesca Ungaro | Giuliano Raffaelli | Harriet Medin | Mary Carmen | Heidi Stroh | Enzo Cerusico | Nadia Anty | Calisto Calisti | Romano Moraschini | Goffredo Unger