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Not of This Earth (1957)

Directed by Roger Corman

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An agent from a distant planet has been sent to earth to ship large quantities of blood to his world, where a plague is ravaging the populace.  He comes equipped with an interstellar matter transmitter, telepathic mind-control powers, and deathray-shooting eyes.  Because he is also affected by the blood disease, he gains control of the town’s physician and has him place a nurse at his disposal, while he collects live humans for fresh blood; but gains the nurse’s suspicions, along with those of her boyfriend - a town police officer.

Length 67 minutes


Lyle Latell | Gail Ganley | Ralph Reed | Hank Mann | Dick Miller | Anna Lee Carroll | Roy Engel | Jonathan Haze | William Roerick | Beverly Garland | Morgan Jones | Paul Birch