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What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (1974)

Directed by Massimo Dallamano

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An unidentified fifteen year-old girl is found hanged after an anonymous tip-off.  The girl, Silvia Polvesi, is soon discovered to have been murdered.  A peeping tom is caught with photos of her having sex with a teenage drop-out but he is later released due to lack of evidence.  The investigation, conducted by Inspector Silvestri and the assistant public prosecutor Vittoria Stori, focuses on the girl’s parents.  It transpires that a private detective, Ruggero Pollente, was hired by Silvia’s mother because the latter was concerned about her activities.  As a conspiracy begins to emerge, Pollente’s body is found dismembered and his girlfriend is subsequently attacked by a machete-wielding killer clad in motorcycle gear…

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


Mario Adorf | Farley Granger | Marina Berti | Corrado Gaipa | Franco Fabrizi | Roberta Paladini | Attilio Dottesio | Sherry Buchanan | Giovanna Ralli | Eleonora Morana | Claudio Cassinelli | Micaela Pignatelli | Steffen Zacharias | Paolo Turco | Giuseppe Marrocco | Luigi Antonio Guerra | Ferdinando Murolo | Salvatore Puntillo | Renata Moar | Adriana Falco | Clara Zovianoff | Leonardo Severini | Lorenzo Piani | Francesco D'Adda | Giancarlo Badessi | Luciano Zanussi | Bruno Alias