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Bad Candy (2020)

Directed by Scott B. Hansen, Desiree Connell

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Bad Candy follows local Halloween stories of both myth and lessons learned in the community of New Salem. With its annual Psychotronic FM Halloween show, re-enactment radio DJs Chilly Billy and Paul weave the tales of the supernatural of years gone by. In this small town it’s a grimy ending for most, but will a few good souls survive?

Length 100 minutes


Zach Galligan | Corey Taylor | Kevin Wayne | Ryan Kiser | Michael Aaron Milligan | Natalia Nova | Derek Russo | Bill Pacer | Alexandra Lucchesi | Chris Mayers | Kenneth Trujillo | Jay Plyburn | Bradley Nnadi | Samantha Noel Van Sickle | David Walterhouse | Riley Sutton | Tara DiPetrillo | Nilah Blasingame | Jeff G. Mungai | Michael Whinnett | Autumn Read