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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Directed by Gary Dauberman

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Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her “safely” behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest’s holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target—the Warrens’ ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends.

Length 106 minutes


Rxchie | Sade Katarina | Paul Dean | Sara Raftery | Kenzie Caplan | Joanna Bartling | Eddie J. Fernandez | Emily Brobst | Natalia Safran | Samara Lee | Steve Coulter | Michael Cimino | Vera Farmiga | Patrick Wilson | Katie Sarife | Madison Iseman | Mckenna Grace