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Palookaville (1995)

Directed by Alan Taylor


Jerry and his two pals, Russ and Syd, are just looking for some easy money to help them break out of their nowhere lives in their nowhere town. Despite a bungled jewelry store heist which exposes their incompetence as criminals, a fateful event (and an old black-and-white film) convinces them that they can pull off an armored-truck robbery. While they are busy plotting their caper, their dysfunctional families spin out of control, all around them.

Rated R | Length 92 minutes


William Riker | Douglas Seale | Walter Bryant | Frances McDormand | Robert LuPone | Sam Coppola | Nicole Burdette | Suzanne Shepherd | Kim Dickens | Bridgit Ryan | LisaGay Hamilton | Gareth Williams | Adam Trese | Vincent Gallo | William Forsythe