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Mancation (2012)

Directed by Frank Vain


Vince has carefully planned out every aspect of his seemingly successful life until his plans come crashing down around him just one day after his wedding, leaving his three under-qualified friends to pick up the pieces. As they head to Atlantic City for the wildest and most spontaneous weekend of their lives they’ll be sure that this Mancation will be one that will never be forgotten!

Rated R | Length 95 minutes


Joey Fatone | Matt Kawczynski | Mike Starr | Jake Matthews | Stephen Medvidick | Derek Lindeman | Brian Hagan | Breanne Benson | Kenny Chin | Sammy Chang | Sarah Vandella | Danica McKellar | Gina Lynn | Elaine Jermyn | Jade Giardano | Priscilla D'Angelantonio