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Average Rating: 7/10

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Okatsu the Fugitive (1969)

Directed by Nobuo Nakagawa

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Okatsu the Fugitive is the third film in the “Ohyaku/Okatsu” series. Okatsu; a “tomboy” who is good with a sword. Her father has found her a man to marry and actually she doesn’t seem too upset about the situation. At the same time, a bunch of farmers are being slaughtered by a corrupt group running a tobacco smuggling ring. They’re being investigated by a man who is documenting their crimes and when they find out about it, they torture him for information but get none. It’s not long before he and Okatsu’s mother wind up dead and she sets out for revenge.

Length 84 minutes


Junko Miyazono | Reiko Ônobuta | Tôru Abe | Tatsuo Umemiya | Kôji Hio | Akitake Kôno | Yuko Minakaze | Reiko Oshida | Hisaya Ito | Hiroshi Nawa | Junko Toda | Akikane Sawa | Genshû Hanayagi | Yôichi Numata | Hiroshi Date | Takashi Hio | Seiya Satô | Yasushi Suzuki