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Adam & Steve (2005)

Directed by Craig Chester


Adam and Steve are two gay youths who have a one-night stand that ends embarrassingly. Nearly two decades later, Adam, now a Manhattan tour guide, and Steve, a psychiatrist, meet again—but neither remembers the other from years before. The two begin dating, even playing matchmaker for their friends Michael and Rhonda, but their promising relationship hits a major snag when Adam and Steve finally recall their past connection.

Rated R | Length 99 minutes


Craig Chester | Malcolm Gets | Parker Posey | Chris Kattan | Kristen Schaal | Julie Hagerty | Paul Sand | Noah Segan | Sally Kirkland | Melinda Dillon | Thomas Kopache | Todd Robert Anderson | Michael Panes | Jackie Beat | Mario Diaz | David Pevsner | Jack Plotnick | Cary Curran | Sandy Martin | Jennifer Echols | Jack Guzman | La Na Shi | Nadya Ginsburg | Brian Stover | Patricia Mizen | David Wenzel | Hiram Jacob Segarra | John Farrer | Viva Ruiz | Gregg Guinta