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Hercules and the Captive Women (1961)

Directed by Vittorio Cottafavi

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When strange atmospheric events occur in the disunited city states of Ancient Greece, a forum debates what action to take. As there is no agreement, Androcles King of Thebes seeks the assistance of his friend, the legendary Hercules. Hercules, now married to Deianira with a son named Hylas does not wish to leave the comfort of his family, though Hylas is keen for adventure.

Length 101 minutes


Gian Maria Volonté | Mimmo Palmara | Enrico Maria Salerno | Mario Valdemarin | Ivo Garrani | Reg Park | Mino Doro | Fay Spain | Luciano Marin | Laura Efrikian | Mario Petri | Salvatore Furnari | Luciana Angiolillo | Ettore Manni