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Average Rating: 7.0/10

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A New Love in Tokyo (1994)

Directed by Banmei Takahashi

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A look a the lives of two sex workers in Tokyo: Rei, who works as an S&M dominatrix, and Ayumi, in the more straightforward profession of call girl. In addition to their working life, the film also looks at their private lives. Rei is acting in an amateur theatre company (along with the receptionist from Ayumi’s escort service), while Ayumi is living with her student-boyfriend as he struggles to finally get accepted to college.

Length 115 minutes


Tetsu Watanabe | Shinji Takeda | Aya Sugimoto | Suzuki Matsuo | Tomorowo Taguchi | Sho Aikawa | Reiko Kataoka | Yoshihiko Hakamada | Takashi Matsuo | Toshi Shioya | Sawa Suzuki | Nagare Hagiwara | Nobuyoshi Araki | Hiromitsu Suzuki | ShirĂ´ Shimomoto