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Average Rating: 7/10

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Land of the Sons (2021)

Directed by Claudio Cupellini

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Civilisation is coming to an end. The death of his only relative gives a feral boy the pretext to journey beyond the confines of his home environment; only by doing this will he be able to decipher his father’s journal, the most valuable artefact in his legacy. This singular contribution to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre tells of a humanity in crisis, while at the same time conveying the adventurous spirit of adolescence.

Length 118 minutes


Valeria Golino | Valerio Mastandrea | Maurizio Donadoni | Paolo Pierobon | Pippo Delbono | Alessandro Tedeschi | Maria Roveran | Fabrizio Ferracane | Franco Ravera | Michelangelo Dalisi | Leon de La Vallée | Camillo Acanfora