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Not of This Earth (1988)

Directed by Jim Wynorski

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A science fiction vampire movie. The Vampire is an emissary from an embattled world near destruction who teleports to Earth to see if they can live here. He finds that our blood is nourishing and that at least one source of it is a steady stream of transfusions. He hypnotizes a Dr. to provide them and has his blond nurse move in to administer them.

Rated R | Length 81 minutes


Traci Lords | Kim Dawson | Monique Gabrielle | Angel Tompkins | Roxanne Kernohan | Kelli Maroney | Michelle Bauer | Linda Shayne | Lenny Juliano | Arthur Roberts | Becky LeBeau | Zoran Hochstätter | Ace Mask | Cynthia Thompson | Michael Delano | John Dresden | Rebecca Perle | Ava Cadell | Roger Lodge | Belinda Grant | Joel Hoffman