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The Professional (1981)

Directed by Georges Lautner

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French secret agent Joss Baumont is sent to kill the president Njala of an African country. However, a counter-order is given before he can execute his mission and he is abandoned in the hands of foreign authorities. He escapes and seeks revenge by pursuing what was his original mission.

Length 108 minutes


Pascal N'Zonzi | André Weber | Guillaume Corea | Serge Nubret | Cheik Doukouré | Yves Pignot | Claude-Bernard Perot | Jean-Claude Bouillaud | Bernard Marcellin | Jacques Canselier | Marc Lamole | Dany Kogan | Sidiki Bakaba | Gérard Darrieu | Pierre Saintons | Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu | Marie-Christine Descouard | Pierre Vernier | Cyrielle Clair | Michel Beaune | Jean Desailly | Jean-Louis Richard | Elisabeth Margoni | Robert Hossein | Jean-Paul Belmondo