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Hit Team (2001)

Directed by Dante Lam

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An undercover cop badly injured in a raid is blamed for the raid’s failure and thrown out of the police department. His injuries result in his being paralyzed form the waist down, and doctors tell him that if he doesn’t have an operation within a few months, the paralysis will be permanent. His friends in the police department decide that, since the underworld was responsible for their friend’s injuries, the money for the operation should come from them, and they set out to get it.

Length 94 minutes


Joe Ma | Michael Lui Mai-Go | Monica Lo | Clarence Cheung | Wong Wai-Fai | Cheung Shui-Chit | Allan Mo Kei | Poon Chit-Yuen | Chin Ka-Lok | Joe Lee Yiu-Ming | Samuel Pang | Jo Kuk | Ruby Wong | Alex To Tak-Wai | Daniel Wu