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Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972)

Directed by Sergio Martino

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Oliviero is a drunk, burned-out writer who amuses himself by hosting orgies at his grand country manor and humiliating his wife Irina. When a number of women are murdered in grisly fashion, Oliviero becomes a prime suspect.

Length 97 minutes


Luigi Pistilli | Carla Mancini | Leslie Daniels | Dalila Di Lazzaro | Riccardo Salvino | Marco Mariani | Edwige Fenech | Ivan Rassimov | Daniela Giordano | Andy Luotto | Anita Strindberg | Ermelinda De Felice | Franco Nebbia | Angela La Vorgna | Enrica Bonaccorti | Nerina Montagnani | Bruno Boschetti | Edward Mannix | Susan Spafford | Frank von Kuegelgen