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Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972)

Directed by Sergio Martino


Oliviero is a burned-out writer, living at his estate near Venice, his dead mother dominating his imagination. He is also a degenerate: sleeps with his maid and his ex-student, hosts Bacchanalia for local hippies, and humiliates his wife Irina in front of strangers. She lives in terror. When a young woman is murdered, police suspect Oliviero. Things get complicated when his young, beautiful, and self-confident niece, Floriana, pays an unexpected visit. A silver-haired stranger observes. More women die, and thoughts of harming Irina give Oliviero new inspiration. What’s Floriana’s game and who’s the observant stranger? Watching all is a black cat named Satan.

Length 96 minutes


Nerina Montagnani | Marco Mariani | Ermelinda De Felice | Daniela Giordano | Angela La Vorgna | Enrica Bonaccorti | Riccardo Salvino | Franco Nebbia | Ivan Rassimov | Anita Strindberg | Luigi Pistilli | Edwige Fenech