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Kill, Panther, Kill! (1968)

Directed by Gianfranco Parolini

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In the opening moments of Kill, Panther, Kill! we see the daring escape, during a prison transfer, of master criminal Arthur Tracy. Tracy has been in stir for four years after thieving a fortune in jewels worth three million dollars. Now his loyal henchmen, Anthony and Smokey, lie in wait beside a desolate hillside road that’s apparently intended to be overlooking Malibu — but is actually some anonymous European location — as the LAPD van baring Arthur approaches. After dispensing with Arthur’s guards in a hail of machinegun fire, the three pile into a getaway car, at which point Anthony says he knows of an ideal place for them to hold up. “They’re holding a rodeo this week in Calgary”, he says. “Nobody will look for us there.” And truer words were never spoken. The only thing that I’d be looking for at a rodeo in Calgary would be a thorough ass-kicking.

Length 89 minutes


Franco Fantasia | Siegfried Rauch | Brad Harris | Gianfranco Parolini | Tony Kendall | Corny Collins | Hannelore Auer | Erwin Strahl | Erika Blanc | Carlos de Castro | Laci von Ronay