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The Pandemic Anthology (2020)

Directed by Martín Blousson, Daniela Pires, Fabrício Bittar, Emerson Niemchick, Giordano Gio, Guillermo Carbonell, Julio Napoli, Karl Holt, Alejo Rébora, Matheus Maltempi, Beatriz Saldanha, Andreas Kyriacou, Junior Larethian

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2020 has its place in history as the year a virus stopped the entire planet. In its first months, amid quarantine and growing uncertainty about the future, Fantaspoa Film Festival launched a contest for filmmakers from around the world to create their pandemic-related stories—in their homes, with the resources they had at hand. This anthology brings together the 15 most representative and creative short films produced, capturing this moment in time that, if humanity is lucky, will never be repeated.

Length 86 minutes


Martín Blousson | Daniela Pires | Emerson Niemchick | Giordano Gio | Guillermo Carbonell | Karl Holt | Alejo Rébora | Matheus Maltempi | Beatriz Saldanha | Andreas Kyriacou | Junior Larethian | Fábio Baltar | Julio Napoli Filho