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Average Rating: 8.5/10

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Drive My Car (2021)

Directed by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi

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Yusuke Kafuku, a stage actor and director, still unable, after two years, to cope with the loss of his beloved wife, accepts to direct Uncle Vanya at a theater festival in Hiroshima. There he meets Misaki, an introverted young woman, appointed to drive his car. In between rides, secrets from the past and heartfelt confessions will be unveiled.

Rated NR | Length 179 minutes


Hidetoshi Nishijima | Toko Miura | Masaki Okada | Reika Kirishima | Park Yurim | Jin Daeyeon | 袁茵 | Ahn Hwitae | Perry Dizon | Satoko Abe | Hiroko Matsuda | Toshiaki Inomata | Takako Yamamura | Ryo Iwase | Faisal Anwar | Kamal Zharif | Massimo Biondi | Shoichiro Tanigawa