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The Magic Serpent (1966)

Directed by Tetsuya Yamauchi

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In ancient Japan, a good lord is killed and his throne is taken by the trecherous Yuki Daijo and his wizard friend Oroki-maru. The young prince Ikazuki-maru is rescued from the jaws of death by a magic bird sent by a wizard. Ten years later, Ikazuki-maru embarks on an adventure to avenge his parents and the wizard’s death with his magic powers he learned from the wizard. He kills Yuki Daijo but then must battle Oroki-maru in a battle to the death.

Length 94 minutes


Tomoko Ogawa | Nobuo Kaneko | Bin Amatsu | Akira Shioji | Sen Hara | Hiroki Matsukata | Ryutaro Otomo | Masataka Iwao | SeizĂ´ Fukumoto | Kensaku Hara | Shin'ichirĂ´ Hayashi | Yumi Suzuki