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Jungle Warriors (1984)

Directed by Ernst R. von Theumer

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A group of models fly into the jungle of some South American country to look for a photo location. Their plane is shot down and they are captured by a drug baron’s private army. At the same time, the Mafia’s representative arrive to negotiate future collaboration.

Rated R | Length 95 minutes


Woody Strode | Dominic Barto | John Vernon | Sybil Danning | Dana Elcar | Paul L. Smith | Nina van Pallandt | Kai Wulff | Alex Cord | Marjoe Gortner | Louisa Moritz | Angela Robinson | Ava Cadell | Mindi Iden | Myra Chason | Emilio Messina | Nicolás Jasso | Suzi Horne | Kari Lloyd | Ray Victor