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Stolen (2012)

Directed by Simon West

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Master thief Will Montgomery is just released from the State penitentiary after serving a 10 year sentence, is contacted by Vincent, his ex comrade in crime, who is holding Will’s teenage daughter ransom in a hijacked taxi cab. Vincent will only surrender her when Will reveals the whereabouts of the 20 million dollars he contrived to conceal from their last robbery.

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


Nicolas Cage | Josh Lucas | Danny Huston | Barry Shabaka Henley | John McConnell | Marcus Lyle Brown | M.C. Gainey | Malin Åkerman | Kyle Russell Clements | Kevin Foster | Edrick Browne | Shanna Forrestall | J.D. Evermore | Mark Valley | Matt Nolan | Tim Bell | Tanc Sade | Jon Eyez | Sami Gayle | Tyler Forrest | Mustafa Harris | Bernadette Ralphs | Emily West | Tom Waite | Dave Davis | Garrett Hines | Brian Kinney | Joe Williams | Dan Braverman | Derek Schreck | Randall Nelms