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Firefly Dreams (2001)

Directed by John Williams

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Naomi, a seventeen year-old city brat from Nagoya, finds her world turned upside down after the breakup of her parents’ marriage. Packed off to the country, she reluctantly works at her aunt’s inn until being asked to care for Mrs. Koide, an aging relative with Alzheimer’s disease. At first, Naomi dislikes looking after the old woman, but over the course of the summer, the two develop an extraordinary friendship that transcends age and experience. The debut feature from international filmmaker John Williams (Midnight Spin), Firefly Dreams stars veteran Japanese actress Yoshie Minami (Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru) and newcomer Maho Ukai in a critically acclaimed performance.

Length 105 minutes


Maho | Tsutomu Niwa | Etsuko Kimata | Yoshie Minami