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Soldier of Fortune (1990)

Directed by Pierluigi Ciriaci

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How can it be Johnny Hondo-inspired third world mayhem if some guy named Vincent Miles is running around gunning down Russkies, hanging off of helicopters and battling the entire Soviet military with just a dirt bike? Well, putting aside the fact that only Johnny Hondo would be capable of doing all that, it’s because Vincent Miles is really Johnny Hondo! We know this because the rogue Russian special services guy says so, but unfortunately Vincent/Johnny has no memory of this! Why?  Because the Russian shot him in the head in a flashback and Johnny caught him a dose of the amnesia!  What? You didn’t know you could get amnesia from taking a bullet in the brain?  Maybe you were shot in the head, too and just forgot!

Length 93 minutes


Bo Svenson | Daniel Greene | Savina Geršak | Danuta Lato | George H. Thausanij | Brand Dury | Jean Sokol