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3:15 (1986)

Directed by Larry Gross

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Violent crime is routine. Organized drug trade runs rampant in the face of powerless authority. And a vicious street gang holds dominion with a savage reign of terror. Welcome to Lincoln High! Here the cobras rule the school and everyone in it. Everyone except for Jeff Hanna.

Rated R | Length 86 minutes


Adam Baldwin | Jesse Aragon | René Auberjonois | Wendy Barry | Bradford Bancroft | Joseph Brutsman | John Scott Clough | Wayne Crawford | Danny De La Paz | Lori Eastside | Jeb Ellis-Brown | Deborah Foreman | Panchito Gómez | Nancy Locke | Ed Lauter | Mario Van Peebles | Gina Gershon | Wings Hauser | David W. Harper