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Barn of the Naked Dead (1974)

Directed by Alan Rudolph

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Three showgirls on their way to Las Vegas have car trouble and are stuck all night out in the desert. The next morning cheerful Andre offers them help in fixing their car. However, Andre is really a maniac with a lot of family problems; his mother ran out on him when he was a child so now he keeps kidnapped women chained up in his barn and trains them to perform circus tricks. Andre’s father is still around of course, but because the old homestead is next to a nuclear test site he has been transformed into a raving homicidal mutant that Andre keeps locked up in a shed.

Length 86 minutes


Andrew Prine | Jeane Manson | Manuela Thiess | Sherry Alberoni | Gyl Roland | Sheila Bromley | Gil Lamb | Al Cormier | Jennifer Ashley | Marlene Tracy | Laura Campbell | Karen Fredrik | Sonja Dunson | Chuck Niles | Lin Henson | Jolene Lontere