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Too Beautiful to Die (1988)

Directed by Dario Piana

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The models of an agency are invited to a party by the owner of the agency, Alex. During the party, Alex is playing games in his computer and it looks like the girls have the house to themselves, but there’s another guest…. and an accident happens - a fatal accident. This will start a string of murders - all those that were at that party begin to fall one by one. The police intervene, investigations are made, but the killer is like an elusive shadow…

Length 95 minutes


François-Eric Gendron | Florence Guérin | Randi Ingerman | Giovanni Tamberi | Gioia Scola | Nora Ariffin | Helena Jesus | François Marthouret | Raffaele Biondi | Enzo Giraldo | Stefano Lisicki | Ilza Prestinari | Massimiliano Ubaldi | Stefano Capaccioli | Carlo Carli | Marco Giorgetti | Roy John Palmer | Maurizio Ratti | Maurizio Rocchi | Sergio Stefanini