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Average Rating: 7/10

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Latitude Zero (1969)

Directed by Ishirō Honda

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A massive underwater volcano erupts and puts a group of investigative scientists in danger. They are rescued by an atomic super submarine named The Alpha under the command of Captain McKenzie. The group is quickly taken to a vast underwater city known as Latitude Zero, a fantastic, Atlantean type utopia, a world beneath the ocean with its own sun. It is soon discovered that Captain McKenzie is at war with the evil Dr. Malic, a cruel scientist who wishes to rule mankind all the while conducting genetic experiments on humans and animals. Malic sends his agents to kidnap Dr. Okada, a human scientist who has created a serum that can immunize exposure to radiation.

Rated G | Length 89 minutes


Joseph Cotten | Cesar Romero | Akira Takarada | Patricia Medina | Masumi Okada | Richard Jaeckel | Tetsu Nakamura | Mari Nakayama | Akihiko Hirata | Hikaru Kuroki | Linda Haynes | Susumu Kurobe | Burr Middleton | Haruo Nakajima | Osman Yusuf | Wataru Ômae