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Death Occurred Last Night (1970)

Directed by Duccio Tessari

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A chief police inspector investigates the disappearance of a 25-year-old, mentally retarded woman, the daughter of a lonely widower. After she turns up dead, the cops race to find the killers before the grieving father does

Length 93 minutes


Raf Vallone | Frank Wolff | Gabriele Tinti | Marco Mariani | Eva Renzi | Jack La Cayenne | Giorgio Dolfin | Stefano Oppedisano | Elsa Boni | Beryl Cunningham | Checco Rissone | Heidrun Hankammer | Gillian Bray | Helga Marlo | Gigi Rizzi | Wilma Casagrande | Filippo La Neve | Nicky Zuccola | Riccardo De Stefanis | Maria Grazia Bettini | Marisa Cassetta | Renato Tovaglieri