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The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)

Directed by Giuliano Carnimeo

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A high-rise apartment populated by models, nightclub dancers and call girls becomes the focus of a mysterious serial killer. When a young model named Jennifer and her friend Marilyn move into one of the victims’ former apartments, Jennifer becomes the next target and the pair try to identify the killer.

Length 94 minutes


Carla Mancini | Luciano Pigozzi | George Rigaud | Antonio Basile | Gennarino Pappagalli | Edwige Fenech | Franco Agostini | George Hilton | Giampiero Albertini | Annabella Incontrera | Paola Quattrini | Oreste Lionello | Carla Brait | Gianni Pulone | Ben Carra | Maria Tedeschi | Alfonso Giganti | Ettore Arena | Enzo Mondino | Francesco Narducci | Dolores Calò | Evi Farinelli