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Average Rating: 6/10

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Return of the Demon (1987)

Directed by Wong Ying

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Return Of The Demon tells the story of a group of treasure hunters who accidentally unleash a malevolent, soul-stealing ghost who is attempting to reincarnate himself. A series of misadventures follow as the heroes try to contain their foe, including an extended sequence where one of the group becomes possessed by the spirit of a dog and transforms into a werewolf-style creature. Fierce, the leader of the treasure-hunting crew, is played by veteran character actor Shing Fui-On

Length 96 minutes


Charlie Cho | Dick Wei | Emily Chu | Shing Fui-On | Fung Ging-Man | Robert Mak | Wu Ma | Pak-Cheung Chan | To Siu-Ming | Tsang Choh-Lam | Chui Sau-Lai | Wong Wai-Fai