Movies by release date: 1912

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Movies released in 1912
'Walk, -- You, Walk!'Pat Hartigan
1812Aleksandr Uralsky, Kai Hansen, Vasili Goncharov
The Achievements of Will O' the WispÉmile Cohl
The Adventures of Lieutenant PetrosinoSidney M. Goldin
AffinityMax Linder
Aleksandar Karadjordjevic vo poseta na BitolaJanaki Manaki, Milton Manaki
Algie, the MinerHarry Schenck, Alice Guy, Edward Warren
Alma's Champion
Alt for NorgeHalfdan Nobel Roede
The Ambitious ButlerMack Sennett
The Anarchist's WifeWilliam V. Ranous
Anna KarénineAlbert Capellani
Anny - en gatepiges romanAdam Eriksen
The Arrow of DefianceJames Young Deer
Artheme Swallows His ClarinetErnest Servaès
As You Like ItCharles Kent, J. Stuart Blackton, James Young
Asesinato y entierro de Don José CanalejasEnrique Blanco, Adelardo Fernández Arias
At It AgainMack Sennett
At the Cinema Show
At the End of the TrailRollin S. Sturgeon
At the Masquerade BallHarold M. Shaw
Autotocht Door Bandoeng
The Ball Player and the BanditFrancis Ford
The Bandit of Point LomaAllan Dwan
Bandits en automobile - Épisode 1: La bande de l'auto griseVictorin-Hippolyte Jasset
Barcelone, principale ville de la CatalogneSegundo de Chomón
A Beast at BayD.W. Griffith
The Beating He Needed
The Beauties of Italy, Triptych of Picturesque ViewsPietro Marelli
The Beautiful LeukanidaWladyslaw Starewicz
Bébé fait du spiritismeLouis Feuillade
Bébé soigné son pèreLouis Feuillade
Bébé tire à la cibleLouis Feuillade
The Better ManRollin S. Sturgeon
BjørnetæmmerenAlfred Lind
Blind LoveD.W. Griffith
The Blind Man's Dog
Bologna monumentale
Bout-de-Zan revient du cirqueLouis Feuillade
The Brave HunterMack Sennett
A Brave Little WomanTom Ricketts
The Brigand BrothersVasili Goncharov
Broncho Billy and the SchoolmistressGilbert M. Anderson
Broncho Billy's Narrow EscapeGilbert M. Anderson
BrutalityD.W. Griffith
Bunny's SuicideLaurence Trimble
The Burglar’s DilemmaD.W. Griffith
Buster in NodlandCharles H. France
Calino courtier en paratonnerresJean Durand
Calino dompteur par amourJean Durand
The Cameraman's RevengeWladyslaw Starewicz
Canned HarmonyAlice Guy
Captain Scott's South Pole ExpeditionHerbert Ponting
Cardinal WolseyJ. Stuart Blackton, Laurence Trimble
Carlchen und Carlo
CarmenTheo Frenkel
The Cave ManCharles L. Gaskill, Ralph Ince
A Cave Man WooingOtis Turner
Chamber of ForgetfulnessÉtienne Arnaud
Charley ColmsRené Leprince
A Child's Devotion
Children of the Forest
Children Who LaborAshley Miller
A Christmas AccidentHarold M. Shaw
The Christmas Miracle
Cinderella or The Glass SlipperGeorges Méliès
CleopatraCharles L. Gaskill
Cohen Collects a Debt
The Colonel's EscapeKenean Buel
Come una sorellaVincenzo Denizot
The Confederate IroncladKenean Buel
The Conquest of the PoleGeorges Méliès
The Copper BeechesAdrien Caillard
The CravenRollin S. Sturgeon
The Crime of CarelessnessHarold M. Shaw
The Cry of the ChildrenGeorge Nichols
Cunégonde femme du monde
Cunégonde reçoit sa famille
A Cure for PokeritisLaurence Trimble
Custer's Last FightFrancis Ford
Das Mädchen ohne VaterlandUrban Gad
Das MirakelMax Reinhardt, Cherry Kearton
A Dash Through the CloudsMack Sennett
The Deacon's Troubles
The Departure of a Great Old ManYakov Protazanov, Elizaveta Thiman
The Deputy's PerilFrancis J. Grandon
A Desperate Lover
Deutsch-Ostafrika. Eine große öffentliche Schule der Provinz Usambara
Die arme JennyUrban Gad
Die Weihe des Kolonial-Krieger-Denkmals in Dresden
Doctor BridgetFrederick A. Thomson
Dödsritten under cirkuskupolenGeorg af Klercker
Dr. Gar el Hamas flugtEduard Schnedler-Sørensen
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeLucius Henderson
Dr. LaFleur's Theory
Dramatic Passion of Algabert and Elisberth of RodembourgAlfred Machin
The DwarfLouis Feuillade
Dødsangstens maskespilEduard Schnedler-Sørensen
Ein neuer Erwerbszweig
An Elephant on Their HandsFrederick A. Thomsom
En urolig Vagt
The Engagement RingMack Sennett
Entente cordialeMax Linder
The Eternal MotherD.W. Griffith
Everything Comes to Him Who WaitsC.J. Williams
FadrenAnna Hofman-Uddgren
The Fall Guy
Falling LeavesAlice Guy
The Female of the SpeciesD.W. Griffith
The Fickle SpaniardDell Henderson, Mack Sennett
Films taken from Kinora Spools Made in 1912
Finalmente soli!
A Fisherman's Love StoryLewin Fitzhamon
The Flaming ArrowJoris Ivens
The Flying CircusAlfred Lind
A Fool and His MoneyAlice Guy
For His SonD.W. Griffith
For the Sake of the Papoose
Fortunes of a ComposerCharles Kent
FrecklesFrederick A. Thomson
A Freight Train DramaFrancis Boggs
FriendsD.W. Griffith
From the Manger to the CrossSidney Olcott
From the SubmergedTheodore Wharton
The FursMack Sennett
The GardenerVictor Sjöström
Gaumont Graphic: Captain Scott and Dr. Wilson with the Pony 'Nobby'
Gérone, la Venise espagnoleSegundo de Chomón
Getting Rid of TroubleDell Henderson
The Girl and Her TrustD.W. Griffith
The Good for NothingLloyd B. Carleton
The Greater LoveRollin S. Sturgeon
A Grocery Clerk's RomanceMack Sennett
HansaAxel Graatkjaer, Johan Ankerstjerne
Hänschens Soldaten
The HauntingLouis Feuillade
The Heart and MoneyLéonce Perret, Louis Feuillade
The Heart of an IndianThomas H. Ince
Helens MarriageMack Sennett
Help! Help!Mack Sennett
HemmelighedenHalfdan Nobel Roede
Her Indian HeroMilton J. Fahrney, Jack Conway, Al Christie
His DaughterBannister Merwin
His Great Uncle's Spirit
His MistakeLloyd B. Carleton
His MotherSidney Olcott
His Official Appointment
Hope, a Red Cross Seal StoryCharles Brabin
Hot StuffMack Sennett
How a Horseshoe Upset a Happy FamilyC.J. Williams
How a Mosquito OperatesWinsor McCay
How States Are MadeRollin S. Sturgeon
I bottoni delle bretelle
In a Garden
In Nacht und EisMime Misu
The In-LawAleksandr Ivanov-Gai
The Independence of RomaniaAristide Demetriade
An Innocent Theft
An Interrupted ElopementMack Sennett
The InvadersThomas H. Ince, Francis Ford
The Island of Rhodes
It All Came Out in the WashMaurice Costello
Katchem KateMack Sennett
Kings of the ForestColin Campbell
The Knight of the SnowGeorges Méliès
Kong Christian X's proklamation
Kong Frederik VIII's Død Og Bisættelse
Konseilspræsident Zahle paa Politiken's redaktion
L'Antique ToledeSegundo de Chomón
L'express matrimonialLéonce Perret
L'iris fantastiqueSegundo de Chomón
L'OublietteLouis Feuillade
La Fièvre de l'orFerdinand Zecca, René Leprince
La Fille du MargraveLéonce Perret, Louis Feuillade
La maison des lionsLouis Feuillade
La malle au mariageMax Linder
La nuova cameriera è troppo bella
La zia Bettina
The Lady of the CamelliasHenri Pouctal, Louis Mercanton, André Calmettes
The Land Beyond the SunsetHarold M. Shaw
Le chrysanthème rougeLéonce Perret
Le circuit de l'alcoolMarius O'Galop
Le courrier de LyonAlbert Capellani
Le medaglie di BidoniEnrico Guazzoni
Le Railway de la mortJean Durand
Le secret de l'acierAlfred Machin
Le signalementAlbert Capellani
Lea si diverte
Les Femmes députées
Les Métamorphoses ComiquesÉmile Cohl
Les MisérablesAlbert Capellani
The Lesser EvilD.W. Griffith
The Lieutenant's Last Fight
Life on the Circle Ranch in CaliforniaJohn B. O'Brien
The Little Girl Next DoorLucius Henderson
A Lively Affair
The LoaferArthur Mackley
Long-Lasting LoveMax Linder
Love and Science
Love Finds the Way
Love's Miracle
The Loves of Queen ElizabethLouis Mercanton, Henri Desfontaines
Lulu's DoctorVan Dyke Brooke
Mabel's Lovers
Mabel's StratagemMack Sennett
MadeleineEmil Albes
Making a Man of Her
Making an American CitizenAlice Guy
A Man for a Day
A Man's CallingAllan Dwan
Man's GenesisD.W. Griffith
The MassacreD.W. Griffith
The Mate of the Alden BessieHobart Bosworth
Max and Dog DickMax Linder, René Leprince
Max boxeur par amourMax Linder
Max et la statueMax Linder
Max et son âneRené Leprince, Max Linder
Max Fears the Dogs
Max Gets Stuck UpMax Linder
Max Juggles for Love
Max Sets the FashionRené Leprince, Max Linder
The Meeting of the Ways
The Mender of NetsD.W. Griffith
Menschliche RuinenLouis Ralph
Merry Scenes from the Lives of AnimalsWladyslaw Starewicz
MetamorphosesSegundo de Chomón
A Mexican CourtshipWilbert Melville
The Mills in Joy and SorrowAlfred Machin
The Mills of the GodsRalph Ince
Mirele EfrosAndrzej Marek
Miss JulieAnna Hofman-Uddgren
Miss TweedledumMarcel Perez
The MormonAllan Dwan
Mr. FixitMack Sennett
Mrs. 'Enry 'AwkinsMaurice Costello, Van Dyke Brooke
The Musgrave RitualGeorges Tréville
The Musketeers of Pig AlleyD.W. Griffith
The Mystery of the Kador CliffsLéonce Perret
Napoléon, Bébé et les CosaquesLouis Feuillade
The Narrow RoadD.W. Griffith
NeighborsMack Sennett
Nelly, la domatrice
The New Neighbor
The New York HatD.W. Griffith
Nicolas NicklebyGeorge Nichols
Oh, Those EyesMack Sennett
The Old ActorD.W. Griffith
On Secret ServiceThomas H. Ince
On the RailsLéonce Perret
One Is Business, the Other CrimeD.W. Griffith
Onésime contre OnésimeJean Durand
Onésime garçon costumierJean Durand
Onesime, ClockmakerJean Durand
The Organ Grinder
An Otter Study
Otvoranje na gradska kafeana vo BitolaJanaki Manaki, Milton Manaki
PadreDante Testa, Gino Zaccaria
The Painted LadyD.W. Griffith
A Pair of BootsCharles H. France
The Passer-byOscar Apfel
Pedro's Dilemma
Petites causes grands effetsMarius O'Galop
Petticoat Camp
The Picture IdolJames Young
Polidor al club della morte
Polidor vuol suicidarsi
Polidor's Gramophone
Poor MotherBožidar Savić
The Portrait of Lady Anne
Professor Georg Brandes paa Universitetets Katheder
A Proposal Under DifficultiesC.J. Williams
The ProspectorArthur Mackley
The Public and Private Care of InfantsCarlton King, Charles M. Seay
A Pueblo LegendD.W. Griffith
A Question of Seconds
A Race for MillionsLouis Feuillade
The Railroad PorterWilliam Foster
Razborchivaya NevestaPyotr Chardynin
The Red Barrier
The Redemption of Red RubeRollin S. Sturgeon
The Relief of Lucknow
Revenge Is Sweet
Richard IIIJames Keane, André Calmettes
Rigadin défenseur de la vertuGeorges Monca
Rincasare non è sempre facile
The RivalsMack Sennett
Robin HoodÉtienne Arnaud, Herbert Blaché
Robinet cycliste
Romeo e GiuliettaUgo Falena
Roping Big Game in the Frozen NorthFrank E. Kleinschmidt
The Sands of DeeD.W. Griffith
Saved from the TitanicÉtienne Arnaud
The School Teacher and the WaifD.W. Griffith
Secrets of the SoulVincenzo Denizot
She CriedAlbert W. Hale
A Sicilian HeroineAlberto Degli Abbati, Mario Caserini
The Signal FireWilliam V. Ranous
Simple Simon in HellJean Durand
The SmugglerGeorges-André Lacroix
So Near, Yet So FarD.W. Griffith
A Spanish DilemmaMack Sennett
The Springtime of LifePaul Garbagni
The Star of BethlehemLawrence Marston
The Star of the Side ShowLucius Henderson
Stenographer Wanted
Stolen GloryMack Sennett
The Streets of AlexandriaM De Lagarne
The Strong Arm Squad of the Future
Suffrage and the Man
A Suffragette in Spite of HimselfAshley Miller
Suing SusanLaurence Trimble
The SunbeamD.W. Griffith
Superstition andalouseSegundo de Chomón
Tartarin e i cinque franchiGiuseppe Gray
Thirty Days at Hard LaborOscar Apfel
Tilly in a Boarding HouseHay Plumb
Titanic Disaster
Tomboy BessieMack Sennett
The Totville EyeC. Jay Williams
The TouristsMack Sennett
Tragedy of the Dress SuitMack Sennett
The Transformation of MikeD.W. Griffith
TripoliPietro Marelli
The Triumph of Right
Troubles of a GrasswidowerMax Linder
Tweedledum's Sweet WifeMarcel Perez
Two Little RangersAlice Guy
Two LivesMax Mack
Uden NattegnChristian Schrøder
Un drama en Puerto RicoRafael Colorado
Una of the SierrasRalph Ince
Under Burning SkiesD.W. Griffith
Une idylle à la fermeMax Linder
Une nuit agitéeMax Linder
An Unseen EnemyD.W. Griffith
Up Against ItOtis Turner
The Usurer's GripCharles Brabin
Vainqueurs et vaincus
The Vampire DancerAugust Blom
A Voice from the DeepMack Sennett
The Voice of Conscience
Votes for WomenHal Reid
Was He a German Spy?Hay Plumb
A Wasted SacrificeRollin S. Sturgeon
The Water NymphMack Sennett
The Water-FunkerMax Linder
Wedding DayEugene Slavinskiy
What Happened to MaryA.E. Coleby
What the Doctor OrderedMack Sennett
When Persistency and Obstinacy Meet
Whiffles, Cubic ArtistGeorges Monca
White Cloud's SecretMilton J. Fahrney
A Wife of the Hills
Willie, King of JanitorsJoseph Faivre
Willy and the ConjurorJoseph Faivre
With A KodakMack Sennett
You Remember EllenSidney Olcott
Zigoto and the LocomotiveJean Durand
Zigoto en pleine lune de mielJean Durand
Zozor ruine la réputation de sa familleÉmile Cohl
Zu spätCarl Froelich