Movies by release date: 1920

MovieLogr users have logged 274 movies that were released in 1920.

Movies released in 1920
An AdventuressFred J. Balshofer
Algol: Tragedy of PowerHans Werckmeister
Alias Miss DoddHarry L. Franklin
Along the Moonbeam TrailHerbert M. Dawley, Willis H. O'Brien
The Amateur ClubKisaburo Kurihara
Anna BoleynErnst Lubitsch
Anna the Adventuress
At the Villa RoseMaurice Elvey
Auf den Trümmern des ParadiesesJosef Stein
A Bashful BigamistAllen Watt
Below the SurfaceIrvin Willat
Benjamin Rabier's AnimalsBenjamin Rabier
The Best Mouse LosesVernon Stallings
The Bicycle RaceBud Fisher
BookwormsAdrian Brunel
The Branded WomanAlbert Parker
Broken BubblesHank Mann
The BruteOscar Micheaux
The Butterfly ManLouis J. Gasnier, Ida May Park
The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariRobert Wiene
The CameramanGrover Jones
The Case of Lady CamberWalter West
A Cat's Life
Cerâmica HorizontinaIgino Bonfioli
Cheating the PiperVernon Stallings
The ChinamanDave Fleischer
Cinderella CindersFrederick J Ireland
Circus DayWilliam L. Roubert
The Clown's Little BrotherDave Fleischer
Common Sense
Conrad in Quest of His YouthWilliam C. de Mille
Convict 13Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline
The County FairEdmund Mortimer, Maurice Tourneur
Coves and CavesClaude Friese-Greene
The Cradle of CourageLambert Hillyer, William S. Hart
The Created Surface of the EarthLev Kuleshov
Cupid the CowpuncherClarence G. Badger
The Dancin' FoolSam Wood
Dangerous BusinessRoy William Neill
Dangerous DaysReginald Barker
The Dangers of the FlyErnesto Gunche, Eduardo Martinez de la Pera
The Dark MirrorCharles Giblyn
Das Mädchen aus der Ackerstraße. 1. TeilReinhold Schünzel
Das Schweigen am StarnbergerseeRolf Raffé
Das Wunder des SchneeschuhsArnold Fanck
The Daughter of DawnNorbert A. Myles
Daughter of the Night 1Richard Eichberg
Daughter of the Night 2Richard Eichberg
De-Light: Making an Electric Light Bulb
The DecoratorJess Robbins
DeerslayerArthur Wellin
Der Abgrund der SeelenUrban Gad
Der EinbruchHarry Jaeger
Der magische GürtelHans Brennert
Der OchsenkriegFranz Osten
The Devil to PayErnest C. Warde
The Devil's ClaimCharles Swickard
The Devil's GardenKenneth S. Webb
Die drei Tänze der Mary WilfordRobert Wiene
Die TeufelsanbeterMarie Luise Droop
Die TodeskarawaneJosef Stein
Die WohnungsnotErnst Lubitsch
Die WürghandCornelius Hintner
Dios existeRamón Peón, Pedro Vázquez
The Dippy DentistAlfred J. Goulding
Dla ciebie, PolskoAntoni Bednarczyk
Don't Park HereCharley Chase
Don't TickleJohn G. Blystone
Down on the FarmErle C. Kenton, F. Richard Jones, Ray Grey
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeShaw Lovett, John S. Robertson
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeJ. Charles Haydon
Dry and ThirstyCraig Hutchinson
Dud, Lion Tamer
Dutch Tulips and Clogs
EarthboundT. Hayes Hunter
An Eastern WesternerHal Roach
An Elephant on His Hands
Elmo the FearlessJ.P. McGowan
The Empire of DiamondsLéonce Perret
En Skuespillers KærlighedMartinius Nielsen
Er bleibt in der FamilieGerhard Lamprecht
ErotikonMauritz Stiller
The Evil EyeJ. Gordon Cooper, Wally Van
Excuse My DustSam Wood
An Eye for Figures
The Face at the WindowWilfred Noy
Facing the OceanRené Leprince
A False AlarmVernon Stallings
The Famous Actress Cicala FormicaLucio D'Ambra
Fante-AnneRasmus Breistein
Fate's PlaythingB.E. Doxat-Pratt, Maurits Binger
A Fitting Gift
The FlapperAlan Crosland
The Fly CopMort Peebles, Norman Taurog, Larry Semon
Fresh PaintCharley Chase, Alfred J. Goulding
A Fresh StartJack White
From Morn to MidnightKarlheinz Martin
The GarageRoscoe Arbuckle
GenuineRobert Wiene
Get Out and Get UnderHal Roach
The Ghost of the CanyonRobert Myles
Glanz und Elend der KurtisanenConrad Wiene, Louis Ralph, Robert Wiene
The Golem: How He Came Into the WorldPaul Wegener, Carl Boese
Good ReferencesRoy William Neill
The Great Cheese Robbery
The Great RedeemerMaurice Tourneur, Clarence Brown
The Gum Riot
The Gyurkovics BoysJohn W. Brunius
Har jeg Ret til at tage mit eget Liv?Holger-Madsen
A Harem Hero
Haunted SpooksHal Roach, Alfred J. Goulding
The Head of JanusF.W. Murnau
Headin' HomeLawrence C. Windom
Hedda GablerGiovanni Pastrone, Gero Zambuto
Hegyek aljánBéla Balogh
Her First FlameBruno C. Becker
High and DizzyHal Roach
His Jonah DayJess Robbins
His Own LawJ. Parker Read Jr.
His Royal SlynessHal Roach
A Home Spun HeroWilliam Beaudine
The HopeHerbert Blaché
HumoresqueFrank Borzage
A Husband in HasteAl Christie, William Beaudine
The Idol DancerD.W. Griffith
Indoor Sports by Tad
Italian Love
The Jack-Knife ManKing Vidor
Jes' Call Me JimClarence G. Badger
The Jungle Princess
Just PalsJohn Ford
KampenWilly Mullens
Kämpfende Gewalten oder Welt ohne KriegFritz Bernhardt
Karin Daughter of IngmarVictor Sjöström
The Kids Find Candy's CatchingFrank Moser
King of the CircusJ.P. McGowan
Kiss Me QuickHampton Del Ruth
Kohlhiesel's DaughtersErnst Lubitsch
L'hirondelle et la mésangeAndré Antoine
La fête espagnole
The Last of the MohicansMaurice Tourneur, Clarence Brown
Le Lys de la vieGeorgette Sorrère, Loïe Fuller
Le penseurLéon Poirier
Leaves from Satan's BookCarl Th. Dreyer
The Leopard Woman
Lepain - 5. TeilLouis Ralph
Lepain - 6. TeilLouis Ralph
Lepain, der König der Verbrecher - 3. TeilHubert Moest, Louis Ralph
Lepain, der König der Verbrecher - 4. TeilHubert Moest, Louis Ralph
Lights and Shadows in a City of a Million
Lion's Jaws and Kitten's PawsWilliam Watson
The Love FlowerD.W. Griffith
Love's Labor LostVernon Stallings
A Lover in PawnVictor Sjöström
A Lucky Loser
The Lure of Crooning WaterArthur Rooke
Luzon Lingerie
Madame XFrank Lloyd
The Making of an AmericanGuy Hedlund
The Man of the SeaMarcel L'Herbier
The Mark of ZorroFred Niblo
The Master MysteryBurton L. King, Harry Grossman
Melchiad KolomanRudolf Liebscher
The Messenger
Mid-ChannelHarry Garson
The Midnight Ride of BudFrank Moser
The MollycoddleVictor Fleming
The Monastery of SendomirVictor Sjöström
Money to BurnFred C. Newmeyer
MoonshineCharley Chase
MotherAleksandr Razumnyj
Mousquetaire au restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. StockholmRagnar Ring
NarayanaLéon Poirier
A Narrow EscapeYakov Protazanov
Nationale feestdag
Naughty Nurses
Nearly Married
NeighborsBuster Keaton, Edward F. Cline
The Night of Queen IsabeauRobert Wiene
Nomads of the NorthDavid Hartford
NonsenseJack White
Number, Please?Hal Roach, Fred C. Newmeyer
Nurse MarjorieWilliam Desmond Taylor
Officer 666Harry Beaumont
Oh, Lady, LadyMaurice Campbell
The Old Arm ChairPercy Nash
On doit le direMarius O'Galop
On StrikeBud Fisher
One WeekBuster Keaton, Edward F. Cline
The Ouija BoardMax Fleischer
Outside the LawTod Browning
The Paliser CaseWilliam Parke
Panic in the House of ArdonRobert Wiene
The Paper Hangers
Park Your CarAlfred J. Goulding
The Parson's WidowCarl Th. Dreyer
Partners of the NightPaul Scardon
PegeenDavid Smith
The PenaltyWallace Worsley
The Person Being Created
Petit angePierre Régnier, Luitz-Morat
Pink TightsB. Reeves Eason
PintoVictor Schertzinger
PollyannaPaul Powell
Prinz und BettelknabeAlexander Korda
Pump und Langenbein oder der lebendige ToteLouis Ralph
The Rattler's HissB. Reeves Eason
RealidadRamón Peón
The Reawakening
Remodeling Her HusbandD.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish
The Revenge of TarzanGeorge M. Merrick, Harry Revier
Roaming Romeo
Robbery Under ArmsKenneth Brampton
Romeo and Juliet in the SnowErnst Lubitsch
The Round-UpGeorge Melford
Run 'Em RaggedAlfred J. Goulding
SandLambert Hillyer
The SapheadWinchell Smith, Herbert Blaché
The ScarecrowBuster Keaton, Edward F. Cline
School DaysMort Peebles, Norman Taurog, Larry Semon
SexFred Niblo
She Loves and LiesChester Withey
The SimpArthur Somers Roche, Owen Davis
Sklaven fremden WillensRichard Eichberg
The Slim PrincessVictor Schertzinger
So ein MädelUrban Gad
Something NewBert Van Tuyle, Nell Shipman
Something to Think AboutCecil B. DeMille
The Son Of TarzanHarry Revier
The Soul of YouthWilliam Desmond Taylor
The Spiders - The Diamond ShipFritz Lang
Squeaks and SquawksNoel M. Smith
Stavitel chrámuKarl Degl, Antonín Novotný
Stolen MomentsJames Vincent
Storm P. tegner de Tree Små MændRobert Storm Petersen
SudsJohn Francis Dillon
The SuitorNorman Taurog, Larry Semon
SumurunErnst Lubitsch
The Symbol of the UnconqueredOscar Micheaux
Tale of a WagWalt Hoban
Terror IslandJames Cruze
The TexanLynn Reynolds
Theatre de Hula Hula
Thora van DekenJohn W. Brunius
The Tiger's CoatRoy Clements
The Toll GateLambert Hillyer
Treasure IslandMaurice Tourneur
Tropical NightsRobert C. Bruce
The TruthLawrence C. Windom
A Twilight BabyJack White
Unseen ForcesSidney Franklin
VampireAlice Guy
Waltz Me AroundCharley Chase
The Wandering ImageFritz Lang
The Water PlugGeorge Jeske
Water, Water, EverywhereClarence G. Badger
Way Down EastD.W. Griffith
What Happened To Rosa?Victor Schertzinger
When Spirits MoveCharley Chase
Why Change Your Wife?Cecil B. DeMille
Wings of PrideB.A. Rolfe
Within Our GatesOscar Micheaux
The Woman GivesRoy William Neill
A Woman in GreyJames Vincent
The Wonderful ChanceGeorge Archainbaud
Wonders of the Deep
WorkHenri Pouctal
Wuthering HeightsA.V. Bramble
Yes DearGrim Natwick
Yes or NoRoy William Neill