Movies by release date: 1959

Movielogr users have logged 72 movies that were released in 1959.

Movies released in 1959
-30-Jack Webb
400 Blows, TheFrançois Truffaut
All the Boys Are Called PatrickJean-Luc Godard
Alligator People, TheRoy Del Ruth
Anatomy of a MurderOtto Preminger
Angry Red Planet, TheIb Melchior
Atomic Submarine, TheSpencer Gordon Bennet
Attack of the Giant LeechesBernard L. Kowalski
Ballad of a SoldierGrigoriy Chukhray
Bat, TheCrane Wilbur
Battle in Outer SpaceIshirō Honda
Beast from Haunted CaveMonte Hellman
Ben-HurWilliam Wyler
Black Pit of Dr. MFernando Méndez
Bucket of Blood, ARoger Corman
Caltiki, the Immortal MonsterRiccardo Freda
City of FearIrving Lerner
Cover Girl KillerTerry Bishop
Crimson Kimono, TheSamuel Fuller
First Man into SpaceRobert Day
Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, TheEdward L. Cahn
Ghost of Dragstrip HollowWilliam J. Hole Jr.
Ghost of Yotsuya, TheNobuo Nakagawa
Giant Behemoth, TheEugène Lourié, Douglas Hickox
Giant of Marathon, TheJacques Tourneur, Bruno Vailati
Good MorningYasujirō Ozu
Great Van Robbery, TheMax Varnel
Green MansionsMel Ferrer
Have Rocket, Will TravelDavid Lowell Rich
Headless Ghost, ThePeter Graham Scott
Horrors of the Black MuseumArthur Crabtree
Hound of the Baskervilles, TheTerence Fisher
House on Haunted HillWilliam Castle
Imitation of LifeDouglas Sirk
Immoral Mr. Teas, TheRuss Meyer
Indian Tomb, TheFritz Lang
Invisible InvadersEdward L. Cahn
Journey to the Center of the EarthHenry Levin
Lady Vampire, TheNobuo Nakagawa
Li'l AbnerMelvin Frank
Man Who Could Cheat Death, TheTerence Fisher
Manster, TheGeorge P. Breakston, Kenneth G. Crane
Mouse That Roared, TheJack Arnold
Mummy, TheTerence Fisher
Night of the GhoulsEdward D. Wood Jr.
North by NorthwestAlfred Hitchcock
Odd ObsessionKon Ichikawa
Odds Against TomorrowRobert Wise
Pillow TalkMichael Gordon
Plan 9 from Outer SpaceEdward D. Wood Jr.
Prince of SpaceEijirô Wakabayashi
Rambling Guitarist, TheBuichi Saito
Return of the FlyEdward Bernds
Rio BravoHoward Hawks
RoadRacersArthur Swerdloff
Samurai SagaHiroshi Inagaki
Santa ClausRené Cardona
SapphireBasil Dearden
Sleeping BeautyClyde Geronimi
Some Like It HotBilly Wilder
Story on Page One, TheClifford Odets
Stranglers of Bombay, TheTerence Fisher
Tarzan's Greatest AdventureJohn Guillermin
Terror Is a ManGerardo de Leon
Three Treasures, TheHiroshi Inagaki
Tiger of Eschnapur, TheFritz Lang
Tingler, TheWilliam Castle
Up PeriscopeGordon Douglas
Wasp Woman, TheRoger Corman
Woman from the SeaKoreyoshi Kurahara
Wonderful World of Tupperware, TheGeorge J. Yarbrough
Yesterday's EnemyVal Guest