Fantastic Fest 2018

sensoria logged 38 movies during Fantastic Fest 2018. Back to Events Overview.

Movies logged during Fantastic Fest 2018
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
ApostleGareth Evans09/21/2018
Between WorldsMaria Pulera09/22/2018
The Blood of WolvesKazuya Shiraishi09/23/2018
BloodlineHenry Jacobson09/24/2018
A Bluebird in My HeartJérémie Guez09/30/2018
The BoatWinston Azzopardi09/26/2018
BorderAli Abbasi09/25/2018
The BouncerJulien Leclercq09/24/2018
BurningLee Chang-dong09/21/2018
DachraAbdelhamid Bouchnak09/21/2018