Fantastic Fest 2016

A list of all the features scheduled to play at Fantastic Fest 2016. Only includes the announced first wave so far.

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Movies on Fantastic Fest 2016 List
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
24×36Kevin Burke2016NoN/A
A Dark SongLiam Gavin2016Yes09/26/2016
AloysTobias Nölle2016NoN/A
American HoneyAndrea Arnold2016NoN/A
Belief: The Possession of Janet MosesDavid Stubbs2015NoN/A
The CrewJulien Leclercq2015Yes09/28/2016
Dearest SisterMattie Do2016NoN/A
Down UnderAbe Forsythe2016NoN/A
The Dwarves Must Be CrazyBhin Banloerit2016NoN/A
FaultlessSébastien Marnier2016NoN/A