MovieLogr's 31 Days of Horror 2016

This is Movielogr’s official 31 days of horror list for the month of October, 2016. To make this as inclusive and accessible as possible, all of the movies on this list are available on Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime or Shudder.

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Movies on MovieLogr's 31 Days of Horror 2016 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
1The DamnedVíctor García2013Yes10/03/2016
2Don't Go in the HouseJoseph Ellison1980Yes10/04/2016
3The ChurchMichele Soavi1989Yes10/04/2016
4ThemXavier Palud, David Moreau2006Yes10/05/2016
5The UninvitedThomas Guard, Charles Guard2009Yes10/05/2016
6From Dusk Till DawnRobert Rodriguez1996Yes10/06/2016
7The FlyKurt Neumann1958Yes10/06/2016
8The BabadookJennifer Kent2014Yes04/25/2014
9Starry EyesDennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch2014Yes04/27/2014
10We Are Still HereTed Geoghegan2015Yes05/03/2015