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Badlanders (1992)

Directed by Armand Gazarian

Science Fiction | Action

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Committed to overthrowing a bloodthirsty tyrant, brave freedom fighter Blaine (James Phillips) earns a one-way ticket to Prison Planet, an inhospitable wasteland where he battles violent goons and struggles to find Himshaw (Jack Willcox), the key to restoring peace and justice. Written and directed by Armand Gazarian, this sci-fi action film features plenty of comic relief from Dave Bean, who co-stars as a spineless businessman.

Length 90 minutes


Deborah Thompson Duda | William Knight | Kim Kopf | Dave Bean | Frankie Ray | Michael M. Foley | James Phillips | Joycelyne Lew | Rhino Michaels | Jack Willcox

Viewing Notes

This not very good movie features one of the most unconvincing electroshock torture scenes ever. Mainly it suffers from bad acting and a wandering, aimless plot.


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