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Laura (1944)

Directed by Otto Preminger


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A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he’s investigating.

Rated NR | Length 88 minutes


Vincent Price | James Flavin | Dorothy Adams | Judith Anderson | Dana Andrews | Gene Tierney | Clifton Webb | Kathleen Howard | Alexander Sascha | Bobby Barber | Grant Mitchell | William Forrest | Eric Wilton | Cyril Ring | Kay Linaker | Cara Williams | Lane Chandler | Dorothy Christy | Yolanda Lacca | Jean Fenwick | Bess Flowers | Frank LaRue | Ralph Dunn | Clyde Fillmore | Harry Strang | Larry Steers | Forbes Murray | Wally Albright | Harold Miller | Jane Nigh | Lee Tung Foo | Harry Carter | Aileen Pringle | Beatrice Gray | Buster Miles | William Graeff Jr. | Gloria Marlen | James Conaty | Sam Harris | Thomas Martin | Harold Schlickenmayer | Frances Gladwin | Ben Watson

Viewing Notes

This Otto Preminger classic noir from the 1940s has an excellent cast. The gorgeous Gene Tierney stars as the titular character who all the drama is centered upon; Dana Andrews nails it as the detective investigating her murder.

Laura also features a young, handsome Vincent Price, whose character literally towers over the other actors! He’s a good head taller than anyone on the set.

As noirs go, this one is on the lighter side with plenty of biting humor to take the edge off. It’s no Maltese Falcon or Blue Dahlia, but definitely holds its own. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.


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