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Seen on: 01/22/2011

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Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

Directed by Otto Preminger


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A police detective’s violent nature keeps him from being a good cop.

Rated NR | Length 95 minutes


Robert Foulk | Ian MacDonald | Neville Brand | Karl Malden | Gary Merrill | Dana Andrews | Joseph Granby | Tom Tully | Gene Tierney | Craig Stevens | Ruth Donnelly | Ray Spiker | Bert Freed | Chuck Hamilton | Robert Patten | John McGuire | Lou Nova | 'Snub' Pollard | Louise Lorimer | David Wolfe | John Daheim | Chili Williams | Clancy Cooper | Stephen Roberts | Lou Krugman | Shirley Tegge | Robert F. Simon | Kathleen Hughes | Charles Tannen | Tony Barr | Robert Williams | John Close | David McMahon | Harry von Zell | Anthony George | Eda Reiss Merin | Charles Flynn | Eddie Borden | Herbert Lytton | Clarence Straight | Phil Tully | Ralph Brooks | Grayce Mills | Bob Evans | Fred Aldrich | Lester Sharpe | Larry Thompson | Sayre Dearing | Don Appell | Bert Stevens | Peggy O'Connor | Oleg Cassini | Tom Coleman | Mack Williams | Barry Brooks

Viewing Notes

Fresh on the heels of Laura, another classic Preminger directed noir film I watched this week, is this absolute gem of a movie.

It once again pairs Laura co-stars Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. Having seen her in two movies now, I can safely say I have a crush on Tierney.

Andrews plays a tougher, hard luck detective here than he did in Laura, and does a better job of it.

The cinematography is excellent. One static shot in particular, involving a car pulling onto a freight elevator, is absolutely brilliant; as good as anything Orson Welles did in Touch of Evil.

Well worth watching, easily nine stars from me.


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