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B-Girl (2009)

Directed by Emily Dell

Drama | Music

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A young female breakdancer, Angel, moves to Los Angeles after an attack by an ex-boyfriend nearly ends her dance career forever. B-Girl follows Angel through recovery and acceptance of a new life as she busts a move into the male-centric world of underground hip hop.

Rated PG-13 | Length 84 minutes


Missy Yager | Aimee Garcia | Drew Sidora | Wesley Jonathan | Nika Williams | Sita Young | Julie 'Jules' Urich | James Martinez | Richard Yniguez | Marcelo Tubert | Jenny Gago | Keith Stallworth | Robert Cicchini | Bunnie Rivera | Ivan 'Flipz' Velez | Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez | Josue Anthony | Oren Michaeli | Richard Steelo Vasquez | Juliette Jackson

Viewing Notes

Given that I’m a middle-aged white boy from Arkansas who grew up in Illinois, I have a strange liking for breakdancing. It stems from watching live breakdancing competitions at a local Pizza Hut back in the day, and probably from the fact that my first date ever involved taking a girl named Jenny to see Breakin’ II: Electric Boogaloo.

(insert uncomfortable silence here)

B-Girl was a fun watch. The acting isn’t brilliant, but not bad either, and the plotline is take it or leave it. The draw here is the dancing. It’s just fun to watch B-Boys and B-Girls break, and they do a great job of it here on a small budget, especially lead actress Jules Urich (who you can also see in Step Up II: The Streets and You Got Served.

Probably not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.


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