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Seen on: 05/03/2011

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9th Company (2005)

Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk

Action | War | Drama

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Russian army recruits complete training and take their posting in late 1980s Afghanistan, where the insurgents are slowly gaining the upper hand.

Length 139 minutes


Stanislav Govorukhin | Svetlana Ivanova | Fyodor Bondarchuk | Mikhail Evlanov | Amadu Mamadakov | Aleksandr Bashirov | Andrey Krasko | Mikhail Porechenkov | Mikhail Efremov | Aleksei Kravchenko | Artur Smolyaninov | Aleksey Chadov | Konstantin Kryukov | Ivan Kokorin | Artyom Mikhalkov | Soslan Fidarov | Ivan Nikolaev | Marat Gudiev | Aleksey Serebryakov | Aleksandr Lykov | Mikhail Vladimirov | Irina Rakhmanova | Dmitriy Sharakois | Dmitry Mukhamadeyev | Aleksandr Shein | Michail Solodko | Karen Martirosyan | Oles Katsion | Ruslan Khabibullov | Aleksandr Kucherenko

Viewing Notes

Watched on Netflix Instant, which might’ve influenced my rating a bit due to picture quality. Either the print itself was a bit soft (likely) or NWI was having difficulties streaming that day. Probably an issue with the print itself.

Anyhow, a fairly good war drama based on true events, set during the Russian occupation of, and war in, Afghanistan. We all know how THAT went.

It had the potential to be very good, but falls into the cliched ‘80s era action moments of Rambo-style movies. That sort of overt patriotism just doesn’t play well with me. Still, worth a watch for some truly good battle scenes tucked in here and there, as well as some of the more touching training camp bits.


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