Beaufort (2007)

Directed by Joseph Cedar

War | Drama


BEAUFORT tells the story of LIRAZ LIBERTI, the 22 year-old outpost commander, and his troops in the months before Israel pulled out of Lebanon. This is not a story of war, but of retreat. This is a story with no enemy, only an amorphous entity that drops bombs from the skies while terrified young soldiers must find a way to carry out their mission until their very last minutes on that mountaintop.

Length 131 minutes


Oshri Cohen | Alon Aboutboul | Ohad Knoller | Itay Tiran | Daniel Bruck | Eli Eltonyo | Gal Friedman | Nevo Kimchi | Gideon Levy | Itay Turgeman | Zohar Strauss | Ami Weinberg | Igal Reznik | Arthur Perzev

Viewing History (seen 1 time)

Date ViewedDeviceFormatSourceRating
01/21/2014TVStreamingVideo on Demand7.5 stars

Viewing Notes

A tension-filled Israeli war movie that made me feel claustrophobic and ill at ease, which I’m pretty sure was the intent.


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