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Cobra Woman (1944)

Directed by Robert Siodmak

Adventure | Action

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A man (Jon Hall) tracks his kidnapped bride (Maria Montez) to a jungle island, where her twin is the high priestess.

Length 71 minutes


Lon Chaney Jr. | Mary Nash | Samuel S. Hinds | Moroni Olsen | Maria Montez | Dale van Sickel | Eddie Parker | Sabu | Edgar Barrier | Jon Hall | Carmen D'Antonio | Fritz Leiber | Lois Collier | Vivian Austin | Belle Mitchell | John Bagni | Robert Barron | George Magrill | Paulita Arvizu | Anne G. Sterling | Ruth Sterling

Viewing Notes

A pretty amazing movie to see on film in 35mm! Given that it was released in 1944 at the height of WWII I was shocked to see it was filmed in technicolor. The costumes especially stand out and make great use of color.

Apparently this was a favorite of GIs stationed overseas and one glance at lead actress Maria Montez and her shape-hugging outfits confirms why. Given the ratings board was in full swing by then, her outfits are pretty racy. Not that they reveal much flesh, more that they suggest what’s underneath more than most movies of the time.

Fun bit of trivia: this is the third Robert Siodmak movie I’ve seen in 35mm at a theater, and the second released in 1944. CRISS CROSS and PHANTOM LADY I saw previously at Noir City 4: Chicago back in 2012.


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