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Seen on: 04/15/2016

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April and the Extraordinary World (2015)

Directed by Franck Ekinci, Christian Desmares

Adventure | Animation | Science Fiction

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France asleep in the nineteenth century, governed by steam and Napoleon VI, where scientists vanish mysteriously, a girl, Avril, goes in search of her missing scientist parents.

Length 103 minutes


Marion Cotillard | Anne Coesens | Jean Rochefort | Olivier Gourmet | Bouli Lanners | Jean-Claude Donda | Marc-André Grondin | Benoît Brière | Philippe Katerine | Macha Grenon | Damien Laquet | Gérard Dessalles | Irina Preda

Viewing Notes

Caught this at the historic Mayan Theater as part of our Friday family day out since Tonia and I had the day off and so did the kids. It was dubbed but wasn’t bad. I loved the animation style and the story grew on me by the end, though I was hoping for more intricate scenes of the alternate steampunk version of Paris.


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